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Tonight’s Scandal definitely made me hate Mellie a little less. When you see all the shit she’s dealt with to get Fitz in office, I could see it being a slap in the face when Fitz isn’t even showing up to get reelected. She really is doing all of the heavy lifting. I’m wondering if he knows about Mellie’s rape but I’m gonna assume not.

I still am curious why her loyalty lies with a man who admittedly doesn’t love her. Why didn’t she divorce him and start her own political career? Why is she trying so hard to salvage his?

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I give nothing adjacent to a fuck about Quinn 

I hope they throw her ass into the damn hole

I hope they have her ass saying “752” in a fetal position

That’s what her ass gets for trying to play Harriett the Spy


Hah! I can’t with the “752” comment!

I’m a little over Quinn too.